Saturday, October 23, 2010

Busy life was here, again

UTAR = unlimited tests assignments and reports.

This was the most perfect acronym I ever heard.
Look, I'm now in week 5, which is nearly half of my second Sem.

All tests and assignments are coming.
I had a speech next week but I haven't prepare anything.

:( ( (

And why the hell thermodynamics would include lecture 1 until lecture 5 in test 1.
It's a little bit too much.

And I'm regret for sleeping too much in lecture class.

And I wonder why I can get so many "likes" in facebook for a status like this.

You guys who pressed the button,
surely don't understand how I feel.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We Run KL!!

This might be a little late but last weekend is really a blast for me.

10.10.10 most people can only feel this date only once. And that's why there are so many event on the date. Many people are having their wedding even our National Astronaut decided to do so.

And I chose to be a volunteer in Nike 10k Run event, where KL stands up against Singapore.
9-10-10, I already reached the meeting point where we were told to move the heavy signboard (25kg++)
3pm - 7.30 pm for the moving part until my back was hurt :(

Then after dinner, I wait until 9pm where Kimtat came to meet me because he scare I'm lonely.
(meeting time was actually 3am in 10-10-10)
BTW, our meeting point was here,

But then Kahsing and Sinn reached to find me yamcha.
Then we went to CAFFEINEES.
Pineapple taste so great :P
We stay there until 1am where we even watched fireworks from KLCC.

So they sent me back on 1.30am.
But then I can't even find Kimtat when I went back to meeting point.
I even wasted RM0.16 to call him.
Grr, he switched off his phone and went to McD with Hongkhai they all.

So there is HongKhai JiaYe WeiKing KimTat Simon and err, drunken Christine.
I think christine is drunken because she was so "high" and first time I see her as talkative as me leh.

3am our work started.
Others I don't know,
But me and weiking position can let us take a nap until 5.30am.
Haha, I heard hongkhai don't have the chance.

Btw they gave us Crew's shirt and ID.

Front view of shirt

Back view of shirt

ID :)

Me and weiking was told to carry a big cardboard with "5KM" written on it.
Our job is to make sure contestants don't get into wrong lane.
After 7.30am, our job simply count as done. Because the race has started.
Pity Kimtat, he work so long in VIP lounge, but he manage to get a free jersey, nike one.

But then I don't know how come he gave away the jersey to someone he don't know,
the person is not a lenglui somemore =#

Me and weiking even have time to snap picture with the emcee,
Mr. JJ from Hitz.Fm

There are even live performances by Bunkface, Estranged, Pop Shuvit, Joe Flizzow, One Buck Short~~ But I didn't took photos with them la.

Bunkface live performances really really nice, their sound same like in records laa.

Then after receiving our allowance, we get souvenirs,
(which should be distributed among contestants, but seems to have too many so they gave us the extras)



But I don't know who were they actually~

So after that, we had our lunch (super spicy punya nasi kandar) at KLCC (finish about 12.30pm like that)
then we took LRT for home. :)

no sleep + super spicy food,
there are so many pimples on my face now :(

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cheeseburger Smoothies!

Anyone heard of Jamba Juice?

It is a famous chained-smoothie restaurant in United States.
It is famous with it's inspiring and healthy living smoothies.
You can even choose to add more Vitamin B or Energy Boost if you need more "kick".

And recently, there is a superb special new flavor of smoothie is coming soon from Jamba Juice.

The Jamba Juice Cheeseburger Chill Smoothie! :D

Aw~ Can you relate cheeseburger and smoothie together?
They were so damn creative.
Now visit CheeseburgerChill.com for more details.

And when you go in, you'll find that~
Wait! There is actually no CheeseburgerChill Smoothie.

It is simply a joke!

*The burger chains which mentioned in the website starts with "M",
with a mascot with red hair and big shoe.

So "M" burger shop had get in to coffee business which opposite against Starbucks directly.
And now, they were planning to go against Jamba Juice in smoothies business as well!!

And Jamba Juice makes a very good move,
With the video,
It makes people think that cheeseburger and smoothie are disgusting when both comes together.

And Jamba Juice called it a joke.

Nice one Jamba, I hope I can learn from the expert advertiser of Jamba Juice.
Nang it if you like it too.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Online Games Haunting Me Again

These days I'm crazy with
Iris online

Sudden Attack