Friday, August 27, 2010

Fighting Umbrella Corporation

"My name is Alice and I remember everything."

I am Alice and I am back.
To settle things that undone.

Objective I
Search for survivors.

Objective II
Thrash Albert Wesker.

Objective III
Kill these freaking zombies (as many as I could).

For the mission,
I will be equipped with complete set of weapon.
and will be bringing along a nice dress.
What use ah? Actually it's simply for your viewing pleasure only. :D
Leng Actress + Nice Dress + Bullets & Bloods = Perfect!

And sexy Alice is here trying to get herself into the Umbrella Corporation building.
And OMG! There is so many zombies and here start the action!

Huh! Kick kick!
Sigh... too many zombies blocking my way.
And here's comes my secret weapon!
Tadaa! The Sony Video Walkman S-series!
(Har? I didn't mention I got bring this along meh?
This one Nuffnang gives one larr)

And Tadaa!
The Sony SRS portable folding speaker!
(Har? Nuffnang didn't give me this?
Ok lorr, assume I bring along ar, like SONY always say

So you guys must believe me oo~

Tune the volume to the max!
Cause this is thriller, thriller night!

So everyone (I means every zombies) will be dancing!

And I will quickly sneak into the building.

He's not inside?
OMG he must be in the volcano trying to release the potent virus into center of earth already!

Quick! We have no time!
Here comes the helicopter!

The fight with Albert Wesker in the volcano~

Chris : "Surrender now or prepare to fight!"
Sheva : "Meow! That's right!"
( Director :"Cut!! You copy the wrong dialog!! It's the pokemon's Grrrr")

Albert : "Do you actually think you can defeat me?"
Chris : "Either way, I'm not gonna stop until I'm dead."
Alice : "Go hell, bastard!"

(What? Alice didn't say that? Now I'm alice and I'll say that okay?)

And the world is saved.
Thanks to Miss Alice and her friends.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Reckless Driver~

It was 11pm.
and I just came back from Vampire Suck Premiere Screening.

So my father was fetching me home, and we have this incident near
Cheras - Seremban Highway.

First of all,
we are inside a Toyota Camry.
Velocity 80kmh like that.

Here comes a guy who watched Initial D too much.
He's driving a silver Waja WLE 7336.

So he envy my father luxury car,
and outrun us
and cut into our lane in front of us
and play his brake.

luckily my daddy driving Camry,
or not sure crash already.

Maybe he wants to buy a new car but no idea whether Camry or City is better,
so he tried to test a Camry's brake with this kind of way?

(and now you get it, you waja tyres got screech sound and ours don't)

But funny part is, when my dad flashed him and signals him to go roadside settle,
he ran away?

Find trouble but no guts face it?

If I'm a person like you I sure go suicide,
no money envy others never mind,
but you don't even have a dick.

So whoever knows someone driving silver Waja WLE 7336, tell him I greet his mom.
nang it to save all road users

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ramadhan in MRSM PDRM

I miss the fasting month in MJSC PDRM so much.

Although I didn't puasa, but I enjoy the time in bazaar in the police camp. XD

I can still remember how delicious is the

kuih melaka a.k.a onde-onde

Nasi Tomato with Ayam masak merah

Roti John

and many many more...

And there is a funny story,
my friend (I'll call him A here), A found out that the girl selling fruit juices is quite pretty.

So he start flirting.

A : Kak, you look young lah, what's your age?

Juice gurl : Form 2~~ (shy shy)

A : =.=" oh ye ar? kami form 3~~
(Form 3 calling a form 2 gurl "kak", I laugh till half death at behind)

So the lesson is, don't judge a book by its cover.

And yet there is one more little secret.
I still remember how my friend lazy fasting although they need to.

It's funny when "curi makan".
hope you all will fully fasting this year,
since I'm not beside you all already.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Live Storm from BBC Forecast

This is Tomasz Schafernaker.
Weatherman from BBC.

He has a perfect body.

And yet the most interesting about him is that he can create live storm.
On BBC forecast.

No you don't have any problem with your eyes.
He is expressing an international language.

Here is it.
The live video clip.

Simon McCoy :"
Now we will have the weather forecast in a minute and of course it will be 100 per cent accurate and provide all the detail you can possibly want."

*the middle finger from Mr. Tom*

Fiona Armstrong :"Ohh~"

Simon McCoy :"There's always one mistake. That was it."

Poor McCoy, he gets salute in front of so many people.

love it? nang it

Monday, August 16, 2010

Colour Wolf Aunty in LRT

The story happens in PUTRA LRT near 7.00am today.
Featuring a colour wolf aunty.

Like usual, I took the super duper noob public transport lowpet railway transit LRT to UTAR.

Because some (the announcement in LRT say some and minor, but I think he is lying) incident, the transit moves at slowpoke speed and stops at every platform for 5 minutes, so the cabin is very packed.

Like sardine.

And I was leaning on the steel pole in the middle of the train.
Reading newspaper.

Because of many people maa, no more holding bar (on top for hand one, I'm not sure the name) available~

So people keep bump here bump there.

Then when reach KL sentral, many people go out already, but I still feel got people sticking behind me.

And I smell something fishy. (not only women has strong sixth sense)

And when I look back, I saw this aunty.
I called her the Female Mat Henry (FMH)

She's still sticking near to me while the train is not full.
First I also think myself think too much already.

But she keep sticking her stupid ugly pig-like face towards me.
"Damn! Ok lah, you want the steel pole so much? Give you lor, but your size got that steel bar also cannot do pole dance la." I muttered myself.

So I don't lean, but only left 1 hand on the pole to prevent myself from falling due to inertia.

The the FHM still keep sticking her face toward my hand

It's very disgusting.
Grr.. If not because got 2 lenglui nearby, and I don't want to ruin my own image,
I sure beat you up already.

Then, somemore she put keep moving her hand to touch my hand then act like it was coincidence.
Hate her innocent face, not cute at all.

"If killing is not illegal, you won't see the sun rising anymore" I muttered to myself again.
But then I think is only 30 minutes way to my destination, nevermind la~

But when the frequencies of her motion become higher and higher, and the train is moving slower and slower~ I can't cope anymore.

I take off my hand from the stell pole and smack the steel pole hardly.
Everyone looking at me, so what? At least the aunty walk away slowly.

Then I also do innocent face. But mine is cute and hers is not.
So at last, I reach my destination safely. *relief*

Guys who always sit LRT please take care of yourself and prevent this crime a!

And thanks to our LRT who makes my morning so "good" and let me exercise by walking 2km to UTAR due to delay.


and sigh~ too handsome also got trouble *perasan, your type only aunty want la*

If you support me in prevent molest, nang here http://innit.nuffnang.com/view/267049

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Spooky Month~

Look at the calendar! You know what happening these days?

I'm not talking about that one,
I'm talking about this!!

The July of Lunar calendar : Ghost month!
(What? the pic too cute ady? Cannot put too scary la, later I sendiri also scare to open my blog)

It is say that the door of the Hell will be open during the whole month so that ghosts can come out scare people, take free money and free food everywhere, celebrate National Independent Day of Malaysia etc take a breath outside.

And to prove that we welcome (??) them, we donate things~

Please take note that if you want to donate also, must burn many many oo,
because inflation in hell is more worse than Zimbabwe.

Money too many? Scare the ghost don't have enough hand to take?
Ok lo, you can also try giving out solid properties,

Such as,
Cars,( must mercedes ar)

Or handphones,

But you must remember to give out charger also lah,
I bet you don't want to hear creepy sounds every midnight asking for charger.

And did you guy notice that yesterday is a Friday?
And yes, it was Friday the 13th.

If you were afraid of this day due to bad lucks, you will be called

Never mind, let's just skip that.
Friday the 13th origins from believes that 13 is unlucky number and Friday is unlucky day.

We have,
12 months in a year,
12 number in a clock,
12 Apostles of Jesus,
12 Gods of Olympus

So 13 was considered irregular since 12 was considered completeness.

So we have Ghost month of Chinese + Friday the 13th,
I scare I will be unlucky and something will happen,

but nothing happened. (I should go buy a 4D on number 1307 or 0713 >.<)

How about your day?

p/s: here I attach a video which stunned me for 10sec (don't know real or not aa)
and a link of online flash game (horror) which I think was good.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Why Vampire Sucks?

(oh yes everything finish and I now have time to write this!)

I assume you all are familiar with vampires.
Especially Mr. Edward Cullen here,

Which doesn't looks like vampire at all but more likely to be a faggot, from twillight saga.

Yes, indeed, Vampire Suck~

1) Comparing to a mosquito~

Mosquito sucks blood too like an vampire. Imagine if you been bite by a mosquito, yes you can just *slap* it and you can continue to sleep.

But what if you been bite by a vampire?

maybe we are different, but I don't dare lor~
That's why I hate vampires, they suck my blood and all I can do is run.

Bloody hell. I prefer mosquito.

2) Food~

Have I ever told you all before about my cooking?
You know what, I love garlic bread so much,
because its the only dish I can make besides Maggi soup.

Even my parents say that garlic breads I make is delicious.
But they only eat it once.
Because after that, my daddy won't buy plain white bread again when there is garlic in my house.

I also don't know why.
Vampire are "allergic" to garlic,
And I hate people animal monster who don't appreciate my talent.
Vampire sucks.

3) pale skin

Many people wants their skin to be whiter.
And there is where L'oreal and her friends make money.

And I'm jealous to those vampires which have pale skin without doing anything.
That's not all, if they got smart brain like me, they can have earn big money.
Grrrr.. I hate anything that my make jealous.
Vampire sucks.

4) Act cool too much
Kissing Bella
Cam whoring
Even when dying??!!

His face like no change la.
Even teletubbies are better.
Vampire sucks.

The Twillight Suck-Gah~

Signing off to close my window and doors, it is almost 10 o'clock and vampire will come soon.

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