Friday, December 31, 2010

My Last Journey (For 2010)


30 DEC

Finish exam, I am so so so happy. No, not just me.
Went to Chun Kit's house, but too tired, and didn't go IOI mall.


Finish dinner at Chun Kit's house, her mom's cooking were good.
Then watched Paranormal Activity with his laptop. @@


Fetched Ken and Sinn, heading to Kahsing's house.


Yum cha at mamak in front of his apartment.
CB Kahsing don't want wake up, sleep like pig.
6 people (include Kuo Kiat and Foo Hoong) wait you leh~~ ==

31 DEC

Time to sleep after a good pool game =)


Woke up, forced myself and Chun Kit to prepare to go Sungai Wang.
Others who were going :
Guan, Sui Ping & C Ping, Chen, Ming He & his 2 Kampar friends, Philip, Yan Chun, Vivian, Chloe, Lee Hui & her Sunway friend.

They woke up so early and reached so early @@
We only did reach after they finished their lunch at food court.
(Noob Piggy Kahsing text me on 11.30am, LOL he wake up more late then me)


@@ Sing K? Don't want leh. Then everyone is gone, left me and Chun Kit.
I love shopping =)


They finished sing K, I haven't buy anything yet because I promised to shop with Guan & Sui Ping, but seems everyone going diferent way @@.


Got 2 pants + 1 pair of shoes =)
BEHLI SHUANG! (too long no shopping)
Then escort Kahsing and Chun Kit to Timesquare monorail station. =)


Have my dinner with the others at Kim Gary.
Sui Ping said, the most leng one in the group, will get the food he/she ordered first.

Guess who was the first?
LOL is Yan Chun, sui ping the philosopher say thing so accurate @@
Then Lee Hui, then her friend.

Ok every girls get their food, (Vivian and Chloe went back before 4pm)
Now let's see who is the most lengzai one,
OMGWTF why must it be SUI PING @@

Luckily I'm not the last~ ;)
Guess who is the last? LOL it is Ming He.
Hahaha, Lee Hui forget to tick Ming He's food on the order list. LOLx.

At last, everyone looking at Ming He while he was eating.


They went watched movie, me and Philip go back first =)
Yes, by KTM.


I reached KTM Serdang, heard my dad called my name @@ He was sitting at the resting area.
My dad's story :

-sent Volvo to workshop.
-got some task and went Sg Wang at 6pm.
-saw me chatting with whole bunch of gang, but choose to spying me instead of call me. @@



Reached home, have steamboat with my family~ (although I'm already bloated @@)


Finished this crap.
Happy New Year =)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Waiting for the end

After 3 freaking fail papers,
there are still two which I must confront :(

Luckily my all my weak subjects have past =)

Now left biology and thermodynamics~
After two more days I would be free :D

Hey, 2010 is going to end!
Okay, Malaysia now left 9 years to achieve 2020 Visionary~

Countdown don't know want go where :(

But since you already not here, go where also not happy,
better I go home sleep =)

Watching fireworks cannot attract me anymore~

And plans for 2 weeks holidays?
I also blur @@

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Countdown : 1 Day


Here comes Finals~
I'm happy not because I'm well prepared,
but I can't wait for HOLIDAY to come~~ :D

My holiday plan,

1) Finish at least 3 Giddens' novel
2) Earn Earn Earn!!
3) Shop Shop Shop!!
4) Play DotA at least 200 rounds.
5) Rappelz level up up up until 90 :D
6) Go to any beach, and sing loudly~

The music video is not available in youtube,
but you can watch while singing in Neway~
It's very nice I assured you~

Okay la, although no mood to study already,
but must act a bit in front of my parents :D

Wish Me Luck!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Xmas?

That's all I have for Christmas this year.

Countdown Finals, 3 days.

Sigh, what can I do?

But luckily after this there will be 2 weeks holidays :D

My year-end (30 Dec) Shopping List~~

=> 2 pants
=> at least 2 T-shirts
=> another pair of shoes!! :D

But I will have no money left to go Port Dickson with my friends~
Work Work!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

There is always reasons

Walk around Mid Valley but didn't bought anything~


1) It is something which boyfriend gives to girlfriend.

2) It is something which I can't see whether she used it or not.

3) It is above my budget~

4) It is too simple and I want something more special.

Damn it.
I hope my year end shopping after finals (next week) will not be like this.


Friday, December 17, 2010

Simple way

At first I was thinking,

whether to use this opportunity to

A) Treat my friend
B) Treat the girl

But since you asked for it, daddy,
give you lor.

By the way.
Had a new project these days.
Volunteer one,
Funding for Wikipedia :))

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

same blood, different taste

My parents was back from China,

and they told me that,

"Hey we got many surprises for you, we bought you many clothes!"

Of course I am happy. At the time.

But I do face palmed after I saw what they bought.

Everything are sports wear?! @@

Then, one of the shirt is even XXL size??!!@@

I regret,

for not asking them to save the money,

and I shop myself. ==

Seems like next year CNY I won't wear any new clothes.

Thank you very much.

The only thing that I would wear,

should be only the ping pong shoe?

(It somehow looks like sneaker, jadi lah)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Pathway to success

My first step of being a legend.
will be breaking my way out of this cage.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Saturday, December 4, 2010

OMG Final!

Final's coming.

Busy study, so I'm forced to let my blog die for a few weeks.