Friday, December 31, 2010

My Last Journey (For 2010)


30 DEC

Finish exam, I am so so so happy. No, not just me.
Went to Chun Kit's house, but too tired, and didn't go IOI mall.


Finish dinner at Chun Kit's house, her mom's cooking were good.
Then watched Paranormal Activity with his laptop. @@


Fetched Ken and Sinn, heading to Kahsing's house.


Yum cha at mamak in front of his apartment.
CB Kahsing don't want wake up, sleep like pig.
6 people (include Kuo Kiat and Foo Hoong) wait you leh~~ ==

31 DEC

Time to sleep after a good pool game =)


Woke up, forced myself and Chun Kit to prepare to go Sungai Wang.
Others who were going :
Guan, Sui Ping & C Ping, Chen, Ming He & his 2 Kampar friends, Philip, Yan Chun, Vivian, Chloe, Lee Hui & her Sunway friend.

They woke up so early and reached so early @@
We only did reach after they finished their lunch at food court.
(Noob Piggy Kahsing text me on 11.30am, LOL he wake up more late then me)


@@ Sing K? Don't want leh. Then everyone is gone, left me and Chun Kit.
I love shopping =)


They finished sing K, I haven't buy anything yet because I promised to shop with Guan & Sui Ping, but seems everyone going diferent way @@.


Got 2 pants + 1 pair of shoes =)
BEHLI SHUANG! (too long no shopping)
Then escort Kahsing and Chun Kit to Timesquare monorail station. =)


Have my dinner with the others at Kim Gary.
Sui Ping said, the most leng one in the group, will get the food he/she ordered first.

Guess who was the first?
LOL is Yan Chun, sui ping the philosopher say thing so accurate @@
Then Lee Hui, then her friend.

Ok every girls get their food, (Vivian and Chloe went back before 4pm)
Now let's see who is the most lengzai one,
OMGWTF why must it be SUI PING @@

Luckily I'm not the last~ ;)
Guess who is the last? LOL it is Ming He.
Hahaha, Lee Hui forget to tick Ming He's food on the order list. LOLx.

At last, everyone looking at Ming He while he was eating.


They went watched movie, me and Philip go back first =)
Yes, by KTM.


I reached KTM Serdang, heard my dad called my name @@ He was sitting at the resting area.
My dad's story :

-sent Volvo to workshop.
-got some task and went Sg Wang at 6pm.
-saw me chatting with whole bunch of gang, but choose to spying me instead of call me. @@



Reached home, have steamboat with my family~ (although I'm already bloated @@)


Finished this crap.
Happy New Year =)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Waiting for the end

After 3 freaking fail papers,
there are still two which I must confront :(

Luckily my all my weak subjects have past =)

Now left biology and thermodynamics~
After two more days I would be free :D

Hey, 2010 is going to end!
Okay, Malaysia now left 9 years to achieve 2020 Visionary~

Countdown don't know want go where :(

But since you already not here, go where also not happy,
better I go home sleep =)

Watching fireworks cannot attract me anymore~

And plans for 2 weeks holidays?
I also blur @@

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Countdown : 1 Day


Here comes Finals~
I'm happy not because I'm well prepared,
but I can't wait for HOLIDAY to come~~ :D

My holiday plan,

1) Finish at least 3 Giddens' novel
2) Earn Earn Earn!!
3) Shop Shop Shop!!
4) Play DotA at least 200 rounds.
5) Rappelz level up up up until 90 :D
6) Go to any beach, and sing loudly~

The music video is not available in youtube,
but you can watch while singing in Neway~
It's very nice I assured you~

Okay la, although no mood to study already,
but must act a bit in front of my parents :D

Wish Me Luck!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Xmas?

That's all I have for Christmas this year.

Countdown Finals, 3 days.

Sigh, what can I do?

But luckily after this there will be 2 weeks holidays :D

My year-end (30 Dec) Shopping List~~

=> 2 pants
=> at least 2 T-shirts
=> another pair of shoes!! :D

But I will have no money left to go Port Dickson with my friends~
Work Work!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

There is always reasons

Walk around Mid Valley but didn't bought anything~


1) It is something which boyfriend gives to girlfriend.

2) It is something which I can't see whether she used it or not.

3) It is above my budget~

4) It is too simple and I want something more special.

Damn it.
I hope my year end shopping after finals (next week) will not be like this.


Friday, December 17, 2010

Simple way

At first I was thinking,

whether to use this opportunity to

A) Treat my friend
B) Treat the girl

But since you asked for it, daddy,
give you lor.

By the way.
Had a new project these days.
Volunteer one,
Funding for Wikipedia :))

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

same blood, different taste

My parents was back from China,

and they told me that,

"Hey we got many surprises for you, we bought you many clothes!"

Of course I am happy. At the time.

But I do face palmed after I saw what they bought.

Everything are sports wear?! @@

Then, one of the shirt is even XXL size??!!@@

I regret,

for not asking them to save the money,

and I shop myself. ==

Seems like next year CNY I won't wear any new clothes.

Thank you very much.

The only thing that I would wear,

should be only the ping pong shoe?

(It somehow looks like sneaker, jadi lah)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Pathway to success

My first step of being a legend.
will be breaking my way out of this cage.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Saturday, December 4, 2010

OMG Final!

Final's coming.

Busy study, so I'm forced to let my blog die for a few weeks.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Waa. Grammy Award lah~

Opps sorry, I have TWO awardS.

Award ini di beri kepada saya oleh Amier Saifullah and Syairah Suhaimi.
Soalan-soalan cepumas yang perlu dijawab apabila dapat grammy award ni..

1.Berikan satu nickname untuk saya:
Du-Makin-Jang :P Sheya (kena pronounce cepat jadi Sya) :D

2.Ucapan untuk pemberi award:
Trimas banyak banyak untuk award nie! Ak happy sampai nk nangis.
Dapat 2 award lak tuh~ XD

3.Listkan 6 artis/band/group yang korang minat:
Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold, Alkaline Trio, Angels and Airwaves, Blink 182, Black Veil Bride, Bullet for my Valentine, Black Cards, Escape the Fate, hey~ naper 6 sahaje? X/

4.bagi award ni kepada 10 blogger yang mempunyai blog yang cantik dan cun:
Sume dh dapat dh. So I pass to whoever saw this and hadn't get the award yet :P

Help me find the keys =)

If you love watching movie, playing arcade and reading Conan~
You must continue to read this!

Let me tell you about the case,

There is a theft in TGV,

OMG. I always wished to watch Tron after I first saw the trailer in cinemas.

So you must help me out!!!

I know you would not work for free,
so TGV will be rewarding you~


and even~

I can see your eyes were shining xDD

So now, follow the steps to win you one of the prizes~

1) go to www.facebook.com/TGVCinemas

2) Press the like button

3) Click on notes tab

4) Start reading clues and use brain!

oh btw, don't forget to register here also http://direct.panasonic.com.my/tron/Register.aspx


Now get a coffee for yourselves and save TGV and their fans by catching the culprit!

Go go!

p/s: please invite me when you win the private screening. =)

I know you can do it~

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I feel so lifeless~

I'm feeling like a robot.

Everyday doing the same activity.

Daily routine :
Wake up, go class, talk craps, back home, Facebook, sleep.

I feel so lifeless!!
I need something that rocks.

Come on guys, ideas please~

p/s: Maybe I should try stalking on Facebook =#

p/p/s: These weekends are so busy. Tests and Assignments are killing me~ :(

Friday, November 12, 2010

MCR is now in Battery City! :D

This is their new song's MV :D

If you can't figure what are their trying to sing (like me), watch this lyric video x)

MCR are calling themselves Killjoys now =)

Btw, I love the lyrics where,
"Everybody wants to change the world but no one wanna die~"

Let me brief you about battery city,
where Better Living Industries conquered the city.

See, they even got some nerdy's commercials X!

Oh and yes,
See how MCR a.k.a. Killjoys do magic! :D


Can you see the smiley? :D

And Killjoys members are showing off their faces today on Youtube! :D

The future is bulletproof~ The aftermath is secondary~
I now everyone are excited now. =)

My Magical Journey

"All around the very top of the hill ran a high wall of green turf. Inside the wall, trees were growing. Their branches hung out over the well; their leaves showed not only green but also blue and silver when the wind stirred them."

--The Magician's Nephew

Can you imagine how pretty is the world described as above?
Thanks to C.S.Lewis, who gave us the image.

Again, we were back to Narnia, and this time
There you can see the lengzai Caspian again :D

You see, Narnia world always having war,
so wearing armor and have weapons in our hands is a must =#

Okay, they got knight and archer.
But no ninja. How come they got no ninja? ==
So I will use a katana,
it is very very very strong =#

As you can see, Narnia have a big map,
but I planned to go these places and meet these "people".

Mr.Tumus's house, which placed at western woods.
I wonder how a faun's ear really looks like =#

And the snowfall was interesting too! :D
There is no winter in Malaysia~ :(

Then I will go to Aslan's camp,
where all sorts of monsters magical creatures are there~

And the talking lion is the best part! x)

He got fluffy mane, and I wish I can hug it x)
at least for once.

Yes it would be much more better if he let me to pull out some and bring home x)

Nuffnang! EON!
Please make my dream comes true x)

If you were trying to win tickets too, please visit http://www.gsc-eonbankcard.com/ =)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

6 Cheese! :D

If you were a cheeesy lover,
Then I have a good news for you! :D

"What?! What news?!"

You heard the new extreme 6 cheese pizza from Pizza Hut? :)

Neither your monitor screen nor your eyes go wrong.
With 28.00++, YOU CAN GET ALL 6 CHEEEESEE!!!

Let's feel the power of cheese!! XD

Let's Go Wild! Bay-Beh~~

Hey! Don't so fast eat, wait me take pichax first =)

Seems like the cheese still not enough for me~
Let's get some more! xD

Then use a fork to spread the cheese powder~

Ok done! Can you smell the cheeese? xD

Good! Now, let's get the party started!

Second round!

Ah! Finished! And my stomach is bloated.
Btw it's a large one~~ =)

Now, some interesting facts for you~

Parmesan a.k.a. Parmigiano-Reggiano is cooked but not pressed~

Mozzarella is also Italian cheese, made using spinning then cutting technique~

Cheddar cheese, American, had cheddaring process, where the curd is kneaded with salt~

Romano cheese, "Romano" comes from Rome, is made by special method called, "rummaging" curd where curd is drained quickly after molding~

Provolone, Italian cheese, semi-hard which aged minimum 4 months~

Monterey Jack, American, with low content of Tyramine, safe to eat for migraine sufferers~

Now, conclusion is that every cheese you get is special!
Get yourself to nearest Pizza Hut branch now!

I’m crazy about Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!

Friday, November 5, 2010

My wounds + Unholy confession


As many already knew,
I told that a motorbike hit me.

My shoulder

My fingers

My waist

My toes

My arm

There are more wounds but I lazy to show.

I went for X-ray scans since my head is hurt too.
Luckily, doctor said I'm safe.
Then she gave me useless painkillers.

For friends who sent me message to take care,
thanks for your concern :) I really appreciate that.

Here is where I will do a confession.
Many ask me questions like,
"Did the motorcyclist runaway?"
"Did you remember how he hit you?"
"Whose fault is it?"
"Did he pay your medical fees?"

There is no such thing as motorcycle accident.

The real story doesn't involve motorcycle at all.
For the real story, it's very obvious that I want to keep it secret.

Friends, sorry that I lied to you. Hope you guys forgive me. ;(
(I know it's hurting you, but it's killing me)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Busy life was here, again

UTAR = unlimited tests assignments and reports.

This was the most perfect acronym I ever heard.
Look, I'm now in week 5, which is nearly half of my second Sem.

All tests and assignments are coming.
I had a speech next week but I haven't prepare anything.

:( ( (

And why the hell thermodynamics would include lecture 1 until lecture 5 in test 1.
It's a little bit too much.

And I'm regret for sleeping too much in lecture class.

And I wonder why I can get so many "likes" in facebook for a status like this.

You guys who pressed the button,
surely don't understand how I feel.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We Run KL!!

This might be a little late but last weekend is really a blast for me.

10.10.10 most people can only feel this date only once. And that's why there are so many event on the date. Many people are having their wedding even our National Astronaut decided to do so.

And I chose to be a volunteer in Nike 10k Run event, where KL stands up against Singapore.
9-10-10, I already reached the meeting point where we were told to move the heavy signboard (25kg++)
3pm - 7.30 pm for the moving part until my back was hurt :(

Then after dinner, I wait until 9pm where Kimtat came to meet me because he scare I'm lonely.
(meeting time was actually 3am in 10-10-10)
BTW, our meeting point was here,

But then Kahsing and Sinn reached to find me yamcha.
Then we went to CAFFEINEES.
Pineapple taste so great :P
We stay there until 1am where we even watched fireworks from KLCC.

So they sent me back on 1.30am.
But then I can't even find Kimtat when I went back to meeting point.
I even wasted RM0.16 to call him.
Grr, he switched off his phone and went to McD with Hongkhai they all.

So there is HongKhai JiaYe WeiKing KimTat Simon and err, drunken Christine.
I think christine is drunken because she was so "high" and first time I see her as talkative as me leh.

3am our work started.
Others I don't know,
But me and weiking position can let us take a nap until 5.30am.
Haha, I heard hongkhai don't have the chance.

Btw they gave us Crew's shirt and ID.

Front view of shirt

Back view of shirt

ID :)

Me and weiking was told to carry a big cardboard with "5KM" written on it.
Our job is to make sure contestants don't get into wrong lane.
After 7.30am, our job simply count as done. Because the race has started.
Pity Kimtat, he work so long in VIP lounge, but he manage to get a free jersey, nike one.

But then I don't know how come he gave away the jersey to someone he don't know,
the person is not a lenglui somemore =#

Me and weiking even have time to snap picture with the emcee,
Mr. JJ from Hitz.Fm

There are even live performances by Bunkface, Estranged, Pop Shuvit, Joe Flizzow, One Buck Short~~ But I didn't took photos with them la.

Bunkface live performances really really nice, their sound same like in records laa.

Then after receiving our allowance, we get souvenirs,
(which should be distributed among contestants, but seems to have too many so they gave us the extras)



But I don't know who were they actually~

So after that, we had our lunch (super spicy punya nasi kandar) at KLCC (finish about 12.30pm like that)
then we took LRT for home. :)

no sleep + super spicy food,
there are so many pimples on my face now :(

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cheeseburger Smoothies!

Anyone heard of Jamba Juice?

It is a famous chained-smoothie restaurant in United States.
It is famous with it's inspiring and healthy living smoothies.
You can even choose to add more Vitamin B or Energy Boost if you need more "kick".

And recently, there is a superb special new flavor of smoothie is coming soon from Jamba Juice.

The Jamba Juice Cheeseburger Chill Smoothie! :D

Aw~ Can you relate cheeseburger and smoothie together?
They were so damn creative.
Now visit CheeseburgerChill.com for more details.

And when you go in, you'll find that~
Wait! There is actually no CheeseburgerChill Smoothie.

It is simply a joke!

*The burger chains which mentioned in the website starts with "M",
with a mascot with red hair and big shoe.

So "M" burger shop had get in to coffee business which opposite against Starbucks directly.
And now, they were planning to go against Jamba Juice in smoothies business as well!!

And Jamba Juice makes a very good move,
With the video,
It makes people think that cheeseburger and smoothie are disgusting when both comes together.

And Jamba Juice called it a joke.

Nice one Jamba, I hope I can learn from the expert advertiser of Jamba Juice.
Nang it if you like it too.