Monday, January 31, 2011

The Legend of Rabbit

In the ancient time, rabbit has long tail and short ears, and normal eyes.
And it looks like a kangaroo,
without a pouch.

At the time, rabbits are very cute too.
Unfortunately, there is no one who like rabbit,
because he can speak, and was very annoying.

And here is where the legend start,
the season was dry, and all carrot trees wilt.
But, the rabbit is hungry, so he went to shop for carrot.

So he hops and hops and hops,
right to the tauke of the grocery shop and asked,

"Do you have any carrot?"

And sadly the tauke replied. "No, my dear."
So the rabbit hops back home, with tears shed in his eye.

Rabbit ate up some kangkung behind his house,
lying up on his bed, but he couldn't sleep.

So he tried to count carrots in his mind, forcing himself to sleep,
but failed.

Here comes the second day,
rabbit hops to the grocery shop again,
hoping that there will be stock of carrots today.

And so he asked the tauke, "Do you have any carrot?"

And the tauke replied again, "No."

So the rabbit ended up his day with kangkung, and lying on bed counting carrots once again.

And the day repeated itself for 23 times.
Rabbit's eyes are red now, because he wasn't asleep at all for 23 days!!

Blame it on the dry season, and his desire for carrots.

But he doesn't lose his hope, so he went back again to the grocery shop,
for the 24th time.

So he hops right in front of the tauke.

This time, without requests from rabbit,
the annoyed tauke which just quarrel with his girlfriend,
shouted out loud,

And here comes the 25th day, rabbit is already very very despo with carrots.
He ignored warning from the tauke,
and heads up to the grocery shop again.

But this time, the rabbit who thinks himself was very smart, asked,
"Do you have any hammer?"

Tauke was confused why is the rabbit not asking for carrots today,
but still, tauke answered, "No, why you need a hammer?"

And gracefully with excited tone, the rabbit express himself,
"Great! Now do you have any carrots? ^_^ "

So the tauke accept the challenge, but he find no hammer,
indeed, he found a kitchen knife.
And he quickly catches the rabbit who annoyed him and tried to run away,
and CHOP!

Now rabbit has no more long tail, and shouted in pain until his larynx was broken.

Another day ended with kangkung, but this time with no more long tail.

Then on the next day, the rabbit still cannot prevent the desire of eating carrot inside him.
He was no scare to hammer, or losing his teeth.
He already lost a tail, and has no more fear.
So he decided to went to the shop for the last time.

Tauke has no mercy for the annoying rabbit, so he pulled the rabbit's ear as how his primary school teacher done to him, as strong as he could.

And he shouted right into the extended ears of rabbit,
"I say no carrot! No carrot at all!!"

So the story ended with rabbit who have short tail, long ears, red eyes, and
no voice.

Happy Year of Rabbit =))

Sunday, January 30, 2011


(An empty post today to prove to you I'm so busy until no time for writing X])

Friday, January 28, 2011

Holidays. Again.

4 more days to Chinese New Year! ==

Diao, I'm still craving for new clothes!
But my wallet don't allow me to do so. :((
I'm so so so so regret of giving all my cheques to my parents,
they still haven't change a bit.

And looks like trip to Penang will be cancelled.

My zodiac and horoscope are both in the lucky list this year.
Hope it will really do so XD

Happy New Year~

Friday, January 21, 2011

Still not in mood.

It's already week 2.

I'm still don't have any mood for study.

Die lor~~

These weeks so many holidays,
that's why la!

Let's start after CNY.

Monday, January 17, 2011

First day in school?

Had 3 hours spent in cybercafe before going to college.

Everyone is tired. WTF.

And we didn't even bring bag when entering classes.

But I enjoyed very much,
especially the first time of entering art stream class. XD

Maybe too long never slept in class,
I slept in math class,
and my back hurts when I wake up.

It's time to go back to reality.

Zi Song!
Stop playing around!

By the way,

thanx Aaron Kho for the bengalli bread XD

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Bad Morning

Below are my usual schedules for these days,

Wake up,
Open Facebook,
Find something to eat,
Sit in front of computer,
Open door for my mom and siblings which just came back after school,
Sit in front of computer,
Hear my mom lectures,


But today,

I woke up,
found nothing on my desk.

Should be my mom who took my laptop away.

Yet I use the netbook, to write this crap and show my boredness. ==

I wrote this on 11.45, I woke up just now on 11.00,
Yeah I wasted 45 minutes to search for my laptop.
Damn it she didn't place it at the usual place she hide this time.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SEM II Result~


Effective Communication Skills B
Mathematics II A
Thermodynamics and Electromagnetism A
Organic Chemistry B-
Introduction to Physiological System B+

Damn it, I can't believe my chemistry dropped so much. And my Bio, I still fail to get an A, even though I promised to Miss Sharon. Damn it, I broke my promise twice. Effective Communication Skills I simply blame it on luck, I got a strict lecturer who was stingy, give so low marks @@. But somehow, my TMEM was surprising. Wow~

GPA : 3.4444

So many 4, I'm going for 4D now~

Saturday, January 8, 2011

If I Were the Green Hornet

Because I have too much
Money + Time + Justice,
so I became the green hornet,
not forgetting of my Side Kick + Driver Kato.

But talking only won't enough,
I need to plan some real thing.

1st of all, I need a nice logo,
which able to make my opponent pees in his pant by just looking into it.
Why GREEN? You think RED colour will do better?
Let me tell you, if my suit is red in colour, my sidekick wouldn't know whether I'm bleeding or not when I'm injured in a mission.

Some more, GREEN = GO, and most dogs has green colour blindness, so I won't scare any police hunting hounds to see me ^^.

Oh yeah, and I wanted to be Eco-friendly. =)

Then next, 2nd! I need some really cool weapons.

And I need something which everyone can see, then police will say,
"Oh no! Its so so so so obvious The Green Hornet did it,
But we don't have the slightest idea to catch him. :(("

Maybe a needle in green colour will do?
And we call it Hornetsting~
Eh don't want la, later they say I copy Batman's Batarangs.
Since both also using hand to toss.

Okay then I need something in machine gun form,
then must light weight,
then must green in colour,
Nice! This is perfect!

Now 3rd, I need some special move.

Some sort like Street Fighter Ken's Shoryuken!
And personally I think this is nice~
At first I'm thinking of this.
See, got 1 hand infront like antenna, btm leg like sting and above got wing shape :))

But somehow I find it too hard to practice, so forget about it.

Then I found this,
this one also quite similar as the first one, but it is much much easier.
Then I can rapidly kicked my opponent's weakness spot in front of me, oh yeah~~
But throw away the red shirt and use a green shirt instead of course.

And at last, after I settle my opponent,
I need a quote, to the whole mission ended with style.

So which one do you think is better?
A : "Don't mess with The Green Hornet!"
B : "Green is the new black. Go Green~"
C : "Roses are red, Hornets are green. Green killed joy, and so will you."

OMGWTF why every choices looks so lame!!
Okay, let's just take the quote "Buzz Buzz".

So I'm done!
Feel the power of Green Hornet in cinema, coming soon!
Green Hornet

Friday, January 7, 2011


Facebook already starts to rule the world.

How can you know about Alvis Kong but don't know Julian Assange, or WikiLeaks?
Come on, WikiLeaks is obviously a bigger news than jumping off 14th floor building.

(I'm not offending any Alvis' fans)

Julian Assange is the chief editor of
WikiLeaks, a website which has exposed more than millions of governments and institutions' secret files.

And many of it, was US government's and Afghan's War Logs.
One of the most surprising secret of Afghan's War is
even Saudi Arabia is on America and Israel's side against Iraq.

And there are some funny exposed files such as what American Officials think about other countries' leaders.

That's why you can see US is so angry and made a group of juries to sue Julian Assange. =#

Julian aimed for 100% transparency everything every governments has done.

There are many different point of views on this case.
Some people says its good because government can't cheat civilians anymore.
And some say when everything exposed, governments will start having misgivings to each other.

And so, Sweden makes the first move.
They make Julian Assange on their wanted list, and sue him on sexual harassing two girls.

Oh by the way Julian Assange was a ladies' man.
It is say that many girls will fall into his arms after having some conversations with him.

And he don't like using condoms.
That's the reason why he is accused for sexual harassment.

And to rescue him from the Swedish government.
Many people donates, for his bailment fee.

And there is also a bunch of hackers,
calling themselves Anonymous, started to attack many of America's website.

Even Malaysia got a little affected by this case.
Seems like someone uploaded some secrets of Malaysian government,
but I think that's holy crap so I don't mention here.

In my point of view, I don't like what Julian Assange has done.
No secrets = No challenge, just like how you hook a girl up.

(Anonymous please don't attack my blog)

However, Julian Assange should be released,
since this time justice goes to him,
and CIA was playing the evil role.

(CIA please don't block my blog)

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Huhu, my siblings started their new year in school life,
while I'm still dreaming on my bed.

This feeling is so so so so happy =)

But I scare la,

I scare I become a pig later X#

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Controlling parents SUCK

Sometimes I feel weird,
people who has the same age with me
are now arguing with their boyfriend/girlfriend.

But me? Arguing with my father/mother??

People say they love to be in my positions, because they think I'm happy everyday.
But you will change your mind if you come my house for just only once.

Why can't I stay in my room?
Why must I go out to living room and watch something which I has no interest at all?
Why you want me to have the same mind as you?

I'm tired, really tired, can you stop stalking my profile, stop asks me to show my handphone to you and give me a little private space?

You say you feel guilty because you can't teach me to become a good son.

Okay, I admit I'm not perfect, but if you think that, a son who only takes RM200 from you every month, then return RM100++ to you again at every month end, gets GPA 3.0 above (I can do it better, if I got another 5 hours everyday, which is consumed by travelling from house to college then from college to school again) , wake up before 9am even it is holiday, is still BAD.

Then I'm totally speechless, I think you should find someone which you think is a perfect son, and asks him whether he like to be your son.

Maybe Buddha can be your so called perfect son?

And you see,

One of you is a fucking aggressor.

Then another one of you asks me to act like you, you think I believe your goddamn stories that you already started to work while you still in secondary school and, you only give money to your mom instead of taking from her?

WOW! If you were what you described, our life would be definitely better than what we have now.

So, if you really wants a perfect son, change what it is inside you first. STUPID!

Someday I will~