Thursday, September 30, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Life

I'm starving for Apples.
iPhone 4~~~~
Some random videos for you.
Translation at bottom for those who doesn't understand cantonese
I heard that iPhone 4 officially launched today,
and many people queue up for it.

I feel boring with it.
Because, I'm using iPhone 5, and it is already quite a while.

You don't believe me?
*taking out iPhone 5*
iPhone 5!
It has all the functions of other iPhone.
And it is smaller too.

We can skype, yahoo, MSN, play games, and also phone call.

"Wei, I won't be home for dinner tonight, don't be wordy."

And it has a special special function,
if you using it until you sweating,
you can take something out of it to wipe your sweat.
Or when chatting about sad things until you cry,
you can use it to wipe your tears.

iPhone 5, from Apple, first come first serve~
*1:20, stupid but funny move.*

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Real

Today I'm gonna prove why using DiGi iPhone Plan, iDiGi is a smarter choice.

So there is 3 plans.
Ranges from,
88, 138 and 238.
Some good numbers in Chinese mythology.

But wait, that's not the price,
it was actually 63, 93, or 163.

Ha! Can you get the first advantage of using iDiGi already?
Oh. So you are not satisfied with the discount yet.
How about more, (with auto-billing),
its now only 58, 88, or 158!!

The price of the second package is now same with the price of first package before discount!!

You might say,
"Ceh It is just a normal plan with discount mah.."
No you're wrong!
iDiGi is abnormal special!

you can get up to 1000mins voice call, 600 SMS, 60 MMS and 5GB internet!

And also,
this postpaid plan can get me up to 6 supplementary lines!

And supplementary lines here = free calls + SMS + MMS

Now the important part.
We talking about iDiGi because it gives you cheaper iPhone.
But how cheap is it?

This plan enable us to save up to RM2000!!

You know what RM2000 means,
it is 200,000 SMS (iDiGi plan price)!!

With this amazing plan,
even Domo can become yellow,

Monday, September 27, 2010

Fail for 2nd time

My driving test failed again for the second time.

Ok la laugh la laugh la.

I can cope the stress already.
Because I'm already used to it.

And I'm thinking of,
can I put the blame on bad weather?
Because it is actually raining on that day.

== I scare lightning.
Then can I blame on the stupid car I used in test?
Or breakfast I eat that day make me stomache?
Or my horoscope because I'm wearing a shirt with my unlucky colour on the day?

I know you were going to say this,
"stop blaming others, you sucks la."

Thank you.
But I already know that I'm not good in driving.

Some things just cannot be forced.
Hope my parents can understand why I spent a lot of money and still can't get a "P".

p/s : good luck on myself for the next time once again.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

One Famous Quote has say that,
"If you own an iPhone without downloading apps, you should suicide by banging your head with tofu."

Apple iPhone is a great success with more than 200,000 apps available for use.

My favorite iPhone app will be iMovie.

With iMovie, I feel myself as pro as James Cameron,
As you all know iPhone is equipped with ability to shoot HD videos.
With multi-touch technology, the app is simply user friendly and highly interactive.

Edit your video and delete scene where it captures you ugly instantly,
before your Bf/Gf gets to see it.

Just like Hollywood treatment,
you can simply choose themes that suits your video,
ranges from Modern, Bright, Travel, Playful or News.

Soundtracks are important in a movie.
With iMovie, I can choose music file to be inserted into the video
and reduce the volume in certain scene that has conversation.

And when we are finally done,
we can share it on Youtube with just a tap.

So for people who has habit like Edison Chen's,
iMovie is definitely the app you can't miss.


Friday, September 24, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Me

An apple a day keeps an doctor away.
How about 4 apples?
It keeps other phones away!

iPhone 4 is here!
I can hear you screaming~
Brought to you by DiGi.
Do remember the historical date~ 24 Sept 2010.

Thanks to Retina Display from Apple Engineers,
you can watch movies with you phone as crystal clear as HD.
The resulting pixel density of iPhone 4,
326 pixels per inch~ It is incredible~

And there is multitasking,
with IOS 4, multi task can be performed on the phone and Apps can be switched quickly.
You can have your GPS running, while listening to Lady Gaga's, chatting with your friend on Facebook, and having your high quality cam-whore photos uploading to Flickr.
Switch between different text conversation with your 3 girlfriends, while talking on Skype with your wife.

Besides that, you can record videos!
And did I mention HD?
Shoot your own movie,
but be careful, HD recorder might record your pimples too!
But that's okay, you can still edit your movie with iMovie immediately.
The Hollywood movie studio, it is now in the palm of your hands.

iPhone 4 can even save our Earth.
With free download iBooks App, you can read your favorite book everywhere.

Beside reducing the usage of papers, it even helps save space.
If you are always complaining that you don't have enough space in your bag for you to bring along your unfinished books with you, now you got no worries.
You can even bring a bookshelf of books with a pocket sized iPhone 4.

You can even read when there is a black out, by adjusting the brightness of your iPhone 4, and changing the font size you like, even my grandpa can read in dark.

Congratulations to iPhone App Store which now enables users to choose apps they like from over 200,000 apps.
You will feel sorry to yourself if you don't use up all gigabytes of iPhone 4 storage.
But too much apps may cause your menu home screen flooded and messy.
And here is the folder system,
which you can easily organize and group your apps.

And there is many more features which is attractive in iPhone 4.
FaceTime technology, video calls with no delays.
Maps and compass which you will never get lost again.
Game center, will be the best partner of you in boring lectures.
And many more!

And now you might thinking of,
"iPhone 4 so so perfect, the price must be very very perfect too."

RRP for iPhone 4 is RM2,690.
But no worries, DiGi is here.

With iPhone DiGi Postpaid plan,
you can have iPhone 4 in your pocket with only RM58 per month.
Now that's not only thing DiGi offers us.

With iGet monthly free usage, you can text 200 people every month telling them you have the latest coolest gadget iPhone 4 with no charges applies.
And placing 6 people in your friends and family (FnF) list,
with FREE calls to your supplementary lines,
What more than this could you ask for?

Haa! That's why I want my iPhone 4 from DiGi.
Always the smarter choice.

I know you will be crazy like me when you have your iPhone 4.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Exam, sickest thing on earth

Result for Final SEM I is finally here.

Before talking about my result,
I'm gonna show you what result meant to me.

Maybe due to 11 years living with exams,
I found I have only slight fear with it,

(answer for those who don't know : Spongebob Squarepants!)

Urgh, I can't concentrate 100% even in the exam hall.

And I think this one applies for everyone,
especially for those who need to take course and subjects that differ from their dream jobs.

Then know you can guess what result I will have.

So when I get my result,
I was shocked,
It is a lot lower from what I think it is.

Luckily I'm still a student.

When I was form 3, I thought PMR is everything,
and I found that I'm wrong in form 4.

When I was form 5, I thought SPM is everything,
and I found that I'm wrong now.

So, means that someday I'll think this is unimportant too!

So buddies,
For those who either satisfy or not satisfy with your own result,
Listen to me and you find it's actually nothing!

Let's look forward to SEM II!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Trip to Broga!

Mom wake me up early in the morning.
That's all I can remember.

When I fully regain my conscious,
I'm already in the car.
and heard my dad saying,
"Let's go to Broga~"

*Broga placed near Semenyih & Kajang

Yeah I get a chance to breathe fresh air
(a chance I can't say no)

Ta-da! Lady-buggy organic farm~
Nice one dad!
Ngam-ngam-hou I can do my research on organic plants.

Papaya tree~

Durian tree~
Guess what is the bottle hanging from the tree for?
(red circle)

It is a buggy-trapper!
Bugs will fly in through a hole (red circle) and can't find its way out.
Then it will starve until die.
This is set up so these buggy cannot disturb fruits from the tree.
*all those brown thing deposited in the bottle are dead bugs, damn gross. ==

Passion fruits!

And also vegetables which we all doesn't like to eat when were kids.

These days were damn hot~

And so I introduce the Super-Cool Passion fruit juice!
RM5 1 cup~

Then we continue our journey to

Ticket price were sold like this

We bought entrance ticket only.
This one damn mm-dai.

All I can see is,
4 rabbits,
2 dogs,
2 horses.

Maybe they cooked all the other rabbits.
There is a cafe but we didn't stay.

And then we went to Sek Na Dok Temple (石拿督庙)

The basin there was so special.
You get to wash your hand with fishes' saliva.
And those two fish can produce saliva continuously :D

After praying for my sis success in PMR,
we found ourselves starving.

It's time for lunch!!
So behind the temple there is a famous restaurant.
(My dad say one, but the restaurant really crowded)

I forgot to snap picture of the dishes.
Damn hungry that time.

At last.
I get home at 2.30pm and get to continue my sleep.

nang it please? :D

Saturday, September 4, 2010

1st Final SEM Exam

1 Sept Critical Thinking

It's just about thinking I guess.
So I didn't study much because I'm confident with my IQ.
Sadly, I still don't even understand the passage given.
Until now, I still don't know what is mean by
"glitzy" and "notorious".

2 Sept Mechanics

This subject is headache for most of the students.
Famous with its "easy in lectures", "hard in tutorials" and "supa-dupa hard when exam".
Golden Tart : "pattern kia...")

3 Sept Fundamentals of Cell Biology

Chun Lim love this subject so much. :D
Different from mechanic's pattern, this one famous with
"understand in lectures", "understand in tutorials", "confuse in exam".
Something from our syllabus looks like this,

4 Sept Mathematics I

This one baru finish.
Okay I'm quite well in this.
And we watched Grown Ups after it.

Laugh until stomach ache.

6 Sept Physical Chemistry

My weakest subject.
Hate this one so much.
I hope it doesn't spoil my GPA slip like it spoil my SPM result slip.

So after all the exam there will be 12 days of holidays!
(Maybe it seems short, but it's better than nothing)

My mom planning to go back to Jerantut on 8th Sept.
Oh no, it will be a bored holidays if so.

p/s : wish me luck X)

I'm having a hard time.